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Why 321Lend

The goal of 321Lend is to build an online financial community that connects creditworthy borrowers with savvy investors in order to facilitate better lending rates and lower loan default rates by continuously innovating our web application and business strategies. By connecting borrowers and lenders directly through our online platform, we minimize our cost which then maximize the financial benefits for both borrowers and investors.



At 321Lend, investors will find an alternative asset class in the consumer credit market. By lending money to qualified borrowers with a history of stable income, good employment history and education background, the investment delivers investors a consistent monthly cash flow that can be reinvested or withdrawn. Historically, the consumer credit market has little correlation to other asset classes which can be advantageous as a portfolio diversification.

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By applying at 321Lend, borrowers are provided a new financing option that is not available from the traditional banking system. For borrowers with less than a stelar credit history for whatever reason, if you have a stable income, good employment history and education background, then you can maximize your ability to get a loan. Simply, we help borrowers utilize what they have – and yet, unused until now.

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